A safer and more efficient way to manage medication administration in any type of care setting.

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What is PillPacCare

PillPacCare is a webapp that records the administration of medication safely and securely.

Improves the safety of residents, reduces errors, and ensures that the care team are kept updated with e-Medication Management.

PillPacCare is ideal for residential care homes and supported living environments where compliance and safe administrations are vital as well as reducing time taken for staff to fill in and check kardex sheets.

With PillPacCare you always complete an on demand picture of medication prescribed for an individual.

Why choose PillPacCare?


Improve safety by reducing medication related errors.

Direct interface with your pharmacy to provide the most accurate medication records.


Improve the standard of care by reducing the time taken to complete medication administration so staff's time can be allocated elsewhere.

All relavent medical information is held within the app.


Any potential errors can be swiftly identified and corrected.

Stock levels are managed meticulously which simplifies auditing, where applicable.

Benefits of PillPacCare

PillPacCare is a friendly, easy to use, web-based app. It allows you to accurately record your medicine round, simply and quickly, without reams of paper!

Its built-in alerts and warnings help to highlight what needs actioned, and you can record clinical decisions about PRN administrations or drug omissions as you go.

The simplicity of the app allows you to complete your medicine round safely and quickly, giving you peace of mind that you haven't missed anything and more time to give to your patients.

PillPacCare Features


Electronic, real time recording to ensure instant and accurate documentation.

PRN Management

Precise, up to date and detailed information regarding PRN administration at your fingertips.

Pharmacy Integration

Electronic messaging tools to increase efficiency in pharmacy communications.

Audit Reporting

Stay on top of how your organisation is performing with our built-in dashboards and extensive reporting suite. Visual presentation of information makes analysis straight forward.

Automated Alerts & Warnings

Helps to verify that all medications are administered within safe time frames with automated alerts and warnings for missed or late doses.

Stock inventory Management

Stock management and ordering is simplified via a built in inventory tool which is linked to your pharmacy.

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A safer and more efficient way to manage medication administration in any type of care setting